I like crazy but not THAT crazy
Girl puhleaze
You hear about these people. You know those online lunatics that are literally insane and you think nahhhh, those people don't really exist.

I had dealings with that kind of person and waw that type of insane is overwhelming to deal with. You at first think they are just fucking around and straight up being a troll but after being called fascist for not agreeing with its opinion, it dawns on you "Oh shit, this person is legit not balanced in the mind".

They go off on rants of epic and extremely not self-aware proportions which results in me gaping at its online wall of loco texts.
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No audio
Girl puhleaze
My laptop's audio stopped working. I have never despised silence so much, that specific type where the only noise you hear is the peeping from your inner left ear. I am gasping for music!

I miss typing with music but am at least glad that my laptop is not totally kaputt.

Online opinion giving
Girl puhleaze

 It's weird when you witness something that is actively hated or disliked for sport, meaning that there is not much valid substantial reason to hate on it but people do just because it is easy.

There is this fascination with cruelty and testing out the boundaries of what is allowed. Being rational and accountable for what your words do to others who carry the burden of that irrational hate is thrown out the door.

But what is the real reason why this exaggerated irrational hating happens?
Is it a form of taking out their frustrations and anger on someone/something else?
Is the reason basically misplaced negative emotions?

Fans are accused of loving blindly but is irrational blind hate preferable? I'm all for having an opinion but I must admit that I am at times very curious as to what drives them to go to such a personally sou crushing view?

Is it their pure honest feelings that they can't articulate with any semblance of tact?

Nobody holds you accountable for your online actions and if they do the internet provides you with an easy out.

It is really disheartening when people go as far as requesting another person to kill themselves just because they are different.

What is behind the words they present? And here is where online interaction lets us down because the essential non-verbal communication can't be seen (unless you are chatting with a webcam), often times typed words lack the emotional weight of what someone is attempting to get across. Even these smiley icons and gifs serve as an untrue masks, I know for a fact that people often "say" this :D but while doing that their actual facial expression is this :[

Opposite of what you demand
Girl puhleaze

It's funny how some think that by demanding me to do what they want will result in me following through with their wishes. That way of approaching me will backfire. 

I reach levels of stubbornness that even astounds me. The determination to do what they don't want becomes a mission.

I'm easy-going for the most part but when I feel strongly about something...


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